Katharsis screenshot
Katharsis gameplay screenshot
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* Archived, Jul 1997
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Katharsis screenshot
Katharsis gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Katharsis (aka Blaster!) is a shooting game similar to the arcade classic Defender. Like Defender, your ship travels horizontally around the map, with a radar at the bottom showing you the location of enemy ships that must be destroyed. This demo gives you a taste of the (for the time) nice looking hi-resolution graphics (using pre-rendered 3D sprites) and other impressive graphical flourishes and sound effects. The game takes place underwater (at least the first level does) so that's kinda neat. The gameplay seems a bit uninspired though; it's difficult to maneuver your ship around, and turning is done by holding the Alt key which seems unintuitive to me.
Use the arrow keys to move, Ctrl to shoot, and hold the Alt key to turn your ship around.

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