Jetfighter III screenshot
Jetfighter III gameplay screenshot
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24000 (Approximate)
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* Archived, Jan 1998
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Jetfighter III screenshot
Jetfighter III gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Jetfighter III is an action-packed simulation of a fighter plane, including the F/A-18 and the naval F-22N. Although the game was criticized somewhat for its lack of realism, there are nevertheless a lot of buttons to learn and remember to press, so it's not a straight-up shooter. You're given pre-scripted missions to fly, all of which are part of the larger narrative of the game. This demo version gives you a brief taste of what the full game has to offer. The game supports a wide variety of 1997-era 3D cards, so if you're looking to run this outside of DOSBox (on a variant or on real hardware) it'll look even better and smoother than it does already. Note that due to the horsepower required to run this game, it will likely perform poorly in your web browser. It'll run better if you download it and run it in DOSBox on maximum cycles!

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