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Galactix gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
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Galactix screenshot
Galactix gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
This game may not be very complicated but it IS fun to play. Your mission is to defend Earth from from the eeeeevil Xidus fleet ... in the far off year of 2019! :) The game was the first attempt by Cygnus Software (now "Mountain King Studios") to develop a shareware game. They later went on to develop the awesome game "Raptor: Call of the Shadows". This game plays similarly, but is more simple in scope. There are some unique aspects, like the retractable claw you can use to grab powerups. (Use the middle mouse button / scroll wheel if you're using a mouse to play.) The graphics, sound, and gameplay are, however, still top-notch. It's simple, but fun.
Galactix v1.3a =============================
The newest version of an excellent shareware
game! The Xidus fleets are invading, and you
are the last ship left to save Earth! This
version features new ray-traces, new
digitized sounds, new graphics, and an
enhanced soundtrack. VGA/MCGA Required
SoundBlaster/Adlib support!
** BBS 1-(508) 343-8848 **
Released Aug 18, 1992  by CYGNUS Software 

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