Floatris screenshot
Floatris gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($15)
Single player
For Kids:
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
5000 (Approximate)
floatris.zip - 354k - Run FLOATRIS.EXE to play
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Floatris screenshot
Floatris gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 4.5
Ever want to play eight games of Tetris at once? Well now you can with Floatris! Unlike normal Tetris games, the pieces here float up to the top rather than fall to the bottom, hence the name. It's a bit disorienting at first. Also there are eight separate wells, each with their own falling pieces. You need to switch your arrow between the wells to choose which you're controlling. It's an interesting twist on the classic Tetris formula; other than the changes noted above, it works pretty much the same: Create lines of horizontal blocks to clear them from the wells. Note that a numeric keypad is pretty much required, see below for controls.
A numeric keypad is required!
4 - Move block left
6 - Move block right
5 - Rotate block
8 - Move block up one space faster
Space - Push block all the way up
Z - Move arrow left (to select one of the wells)
X - Move arrow right (to select one of the wells)
Floatris - 256 color VGA/MCGA floating blocks
game.  Real time control over 8 independent
yet integrated shafts.  Excellent graphics
and tight gameplay, make this the ultimate in
arcade block puzzle game.  Deluxe registered
version includes Soundblaster and compatable
support and many nice gameplay enhancements.
Shareware, $15.00 and worth every dime.

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