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DreamWeb gameplay screenshot
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dreamweb-uk-1.1.zip - 9,960k - Run DREAMWEB.EXE to play
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DreamWeb screenshot
DreamWeb gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Dreamweb is an unusual fully overhead perspective graphical adventure game. This dystopian future game has you playing as Ryan, a bartender, who has been suffering from nightmares, and eventually is drawn into a strange quest to become "the deliverer" and destroy the DreamWeb. While like other graphical adventure games you collect items and use them to solve puzzles, the viewpoint here is entirely overhead, which is an interesting switch but it provides certain challenges, like not always being able to see things clearly. To help overcome this the game does provide mouseover descriptions of items and a small "zoomed in" window in the lower corner. Definitely an intriguing and not too well known game. (This game was made freeware by its authors, as per the enclosed license.txt file.)

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