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320 × 200
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Dig It! screenshot
Dig It! gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3
Dig It! is a platforming game that seems more aimed at children, but still provides a decent amount of gameplay and challenge for adults. I'm not sure what the story of the game is supposed to be, since the "Story" menu option just leads to information about how to register the game. In practice you're running around the levels, shooting at dinosaurs and snails, trying to get to the exit. The name of the game comes into play when you see a crack in the floor; press Spacebar to "dig it" and you'll be taken to a brief bonus area. You also dig when you find the X on the ground to exit the stage. Not the most complex or difficult game but decent graphics and music (although very muted sound effects?) help keep things somewhat interesting.
Digit! is a great new platform game
with brilliant graphics. Blast enemies, dig
holes, find treasures and extra lives and try not
to fall off the ledges!!! Equipped with a gun and
a drill to help mine your way through this
massive world, you'll have to swim through the
Great Waters, traverse the frozen north and
escape unscathed from the fiery underworld. What
ever you do, don't forget the old saying "Dig
for victory!"

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