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640 × 350
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Computer Underground screenshot
Computer Underground gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Computer Underground puts you in the shoes of a 1337 h4X0r! Well, not really, probably most real hackers (really "crackers" in this case) don't hack into computer systems just by clicking around with their mouse. Anyways, the goal of this game is to increase your ranking as a hacker by buying and using various computer programs and viruses to destroy opponent's computers, hack into banking systems, etc. All pretend of course ;) Despite how the game may appear, this is strictly a single-player game. There is not much instruction given, but figuring out what to do, what to buy, and how the various systems work is half of the fun. Mostly you are choosing various options strategically (or randomly if you prefer) and seeing what happens, hoping that the RNG gives you the numbers you need to succeed. The game plays quite similarly to BBS door games of the era, so if you enjoy those, you may enjoy this too.
╒══════Computer Underground══════╕
│A great game where you are a    │
│cracker who breaks into computer│
│systems. VGA 16 color/Mouse req.│

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