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500 screenshot
500 gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
500 is a card game of the trump/trick variety. I'm not entirely sure how to play because the game kind of assumes you already know and only gives a minimal description. But you play in two teams of two players each (you only play with CPU players) and after a trump suit is chosen you play tricks and get points. The first team to 500 points wins. Whee! If you want a way to play 500 on your PC this could be a good choice; it also provides a bunch of "house rules" type customizations you can make to accommodate different ways of playing.
FIVE HUNDRED card game ver 6.3.
        This program plays the popular 
card game of 500.  You can choose your
style of play, as well as customise for
local rules and MISERE options.  It has
animation and a voice synthesizer which
runs through your standard PC speaker.
Speed and colours can be customised.
This version is a major update of v5.9.

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