Mon October 1 2018, 5:17pm / Darren

In August of 2011, the total number of games on reached 600. (Read the site news post from that day!) Today, over 7 years later, the total is now over 700! Since the redesign earlier this year I've added nearly 100 games, and there is no shortage of more games to add. (For example, until today I had no idea there were DOS versions of the early Mortal Kombat games!)

Maybe someday the count will react 1,000? :) If you have a suggestion for a game that can legally be added to the archive, please contact me and I'd be happy to check into it.

If you would like to support future work on this website, please visit the donation page to see how you can help. (There are ways other than giving money, if funds are tight for you right now!)

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