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Hopefully I'll have time to add some new games to the site next week; for now, check out's redesigned store! They just updated their site with a great new look. They also now sell full movie downloads and offer many popular gaming-related documentaries. And they still offer many legal, full-version classic DOS games like Duke Nukem 3D, King's Quest, and The Incredible Machine! Check it out now! :)

Yesterday I uploaded this year's Christmas logo and continued the thirteen year long tradition! (See old logos in the logos archive.) You can also view a Double-sized Christmas 2013 logo so that the pixel art is a bit easier to see. :) The characters in the logo are of course from the Commander Keen games. You can download the free episodes from, and also check out the Commander Keen History at 3D Realms for tons of great info on the series. Oh, also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Don't forget the reason for the season. Click to watch Lee Strobel, Yale Law School grad and former legal editor of The Chicago Tribune give a great talk called The Case For Christmas on the enduring relevance of what occurred nearly 2,000 years ago.

Added 10 new (old) games to the site. :) Here's today's additions:
Backlash (action)
Ballgame 2 (action)
David's Kong (classic)
Donkey (classic)
Legend of the Silver Talisman (RPG)
Lock 'N' Chase (classic)
Magus (RPG)
Round 42 (space shooting)
Tekwar (3d shooting)
Terroid (space shooting)

Download them at the Newest Additions page.

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