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Battle Ground

Views: 10,1691986SharewareSimulation / Strategy MVP Software
Battle Ground is an obscure early release from MVP Software, who would go on to be a popular developer/publisher of … VIEW


Views: 7,7051991SharewareSpace Shooting John Schmitt
The game's name Mustang refers to a type of plane, used frequently in WW2. The game itself is sort of an endurance … VIEW


Views: 1,8721993FreewareSpace Shooting Jay Kramer
PowerShooter is described by its own author as being a "game is basically like any other shooter game". It plays like a … VIEW

Sea Battle

Views: 3,4561991SharewareSimulation / Strategy Bruce R. Hugo
Sea Battle is a simulation of WW2 naval combat based on a selection of different scenarios. The game is presented with … VIEW

Wolfenstein 3D

Views: 175,2661992Shareware (Full version available)3D Shooting iD SoftwareApogee Software
Although there were 3D games on the PC before Wolfenstein 3D (one notable example was Ultima Underworld: The Stygian … VIEW

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