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Fire Fighter

Views: 13,7511998SharewareSimulation / Strategy Eben Sprinsock
Fire Fighter is an interesting ASCII-based strategy game which is not nearly as long and drawn-out as most strategy … VIEW


Views: 1,1522017FreewareAction Graham Downey
Flapscii is a textmode version of the infamous Flappy Bird game. Unlike the other DOS remake Floppy Bird, this game … VIEW

Football Fanatic

Views: 24,4601996Full versionSports Thunderbear Software Creations
Quite different from modern football games, Football Fanatic is a sports management simulation game. That means it's all … VIEW


Views: 10,6541990SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Mark L. Bakke
Frazzle is an interesting dice game which you might assume is a clone of the popular Yahtzee game, but it's actually … VIEW

Fukuoka Wings

Views: 1,1722024FreewareSimulation / Strategy Pasi Toivonen
New DOS games are still being created in 2024! Fukuoka Wings is a text-mode airline business simulator inspired by a … VIEW

Fungal Man

Views: 12,4651992SharewarePuzzle Dennis Drew
Fungal Man is, at its core, a Sokoban clone. It does add a few other objects to complicate the game, but at its core, … VIEW


Views: 9,6251990FreewareTetris Style William Chin
Fusion is an interesting combination of Columns-style games and Collapse / variants (like Crash Down). Groups of three … VIEW

Game With No Name

Views: 13,0301995FreewareSidescrolling Darren Heaton
This is a quite interesting and unique text-mode game. (That is, a game created using only the ASCII character set.) … VIEW

Giant Space Slug

Views: 7,4561990SharewareAction Dennis Drew
Giant Space Slug is a Snake / Nibbles clone made in text-mode. Actually since this game was originally released in 1987 … VIEW


Views: 2,4301996FreewareAction Jorgen Fog
Gnasher is a Pac-Man like game where the goal is to collect all the cookies on the level. Your "gnasher" must eat all … VIEW

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