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Galactix II - The Search for the Missing Orbs

Views: 8,4301991SharewareAdventure Richard L. Wright
The sequel to the original Galactix adventure game (and still nothing to do with the same-named Galactix shoot-em-up … VIEW
Tags: adventure  cga  space

Galaga 94

Views: 4311994FreewareClassic Arnold Pichler
Galaga 94 is a fairly basic Galaga clone, unsurprisingly unsanctioned by Namco. Created in the year 1994, the graphics … VIEW


Views: 13,7901996SharewareSpace Shooting PLBM Games
Galaxi is, as you might expect, a derivative of the Galaxian series of games, which is itself derivative of Space … VIEW


Views: 16,5331995SharewareSidescrolling Homebrew Software
My first thought when playing this game was "Alright! It looks like Duke Nukem!". GateWorld has undoubtedly been largely … VIEW

Gravity Force

Views: 11,7172000FreewareSpace Shooting Jens Hassler
While the control scheme takes a little getting used to, this game is definitely very polished. It's very well put … VIEW

Great Space Shit III, The

Views: 6,9291991SharewareSpace Shooting Jari Jääskeläinen
The Great Space Shit III is the first ever game added to this website with a swear word in the title. It's not clear why … VIEW


Views: 2,2911993SharewareAction David Sherohman
GunCrib is a simple first-person perspective shooting game, where you play a gunner stationed on a planet being … VIEW

Invaders 1978

Views: 15,4091996FreewareClassic James Eibisch
Looking for a space invaders clone? This one is pretty good. It takes the authentic, "no-frills" route, and does a … VIEW

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Views: 20,0291994SharewareSpace Shooting Pop Software
Nice name, eh? It certainly caught your attention! This space shooting game has pretty VGA graphics and smooth gameplay. … VIEW


Views: 15,0201990SharewareAction Montsoft
Similar to the classic arcade Defender, in this game you use your 'Jumpjet' to fly various simple missions while … VIEW

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