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Views: 1,0341997FreewareTetris Style Reinier van Grieken
DiceDrop is a rare game, re-discovered by the author in his personal archives and now available for the world to play! … VIEW

Funky Bubbles Puzz

Views: 2,2111995FreewareTetris Style metalion
Funky Bubbles Puzz is a Puyo Puyo-like falling block game. The author references a game called "Hexa" which maybe was … VIEW


Views: 5,4861997SharewareTetris Style Andrew Lunn
Pyromania is a Tetris-genre falling blocks game that is most similar to the Puyo Puyo series of puzzle games. (This game … VIEW


Views: 11,8861999SharewareTetris Style Optik Software Inc
A Columns / Puyo Puyo themed clone that features nice, big graphics. It's very well made, and plays smoothly. The … VIEW

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