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Views: 10,6891993FreewareAction GOLEM
VLAK is one of the few games on this site that is not in English, but that won't prevent you from playing it. (Vlak is … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  ega

Wibbles III

Views: 5,4491995SharewareAction D'India Software
Wibbles 3 is a competitive Snake/Nibbles-like game where you and a second player battle it out for Wibble supremacy! You … VIEW

Worm It Up !

Views: 6461992SharewareAction Two Nice Guys, The
Worm It Up is a snake type game that plays a bit awkwardly. It has decent graphics during the start up but during the … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  worm

Worm Wars 3

Views: 10,7652006FreewareAction Christian Knudsen
Worm Wars 3 will look somewhat familiar to anyone who played the classic QBasic game Nibbles, but it includes many … VIEW


Views: 2,7621983FreewareAction The Hacker Group
Wormy is a simplistic Snake / Nibbles style game made in 1983. By "The Hacker Group", it features CGA graphics, which … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles  blocks  cga


Views: 2,9531993SharewareAction David Hoogvorst
Wurm is an example of a game that seems extremely simple at first, but it actually works well and provides many … VIEW


Views: 5,5182013FreewareAction Mateusz Viste
Zmiy is a clone of the classic QBasic example game Nibbles, aka Snake and various other names. The goal is to eat the … VIEW


Views: 2762002SharewareAction WHS
Zonker is a mostly unremarkable Snake / Nibbles like game. A game for one or two players, the object is to not crash … VIEW
Tags: action  snake  nibbles

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