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Views: 9,8881990SharewarePuzzle Herringbone Software
DiaMaze is a simple but sublimely relaxing game where the goal is to collect as many diamonds in a mine before your lamp … VIEW

Dragon's Mandate

Views: 9,2682007FreeareAdventure Necrobones
Dragon's Mandate is sort of a belated sequel to the classic Atari 2600 game Adventure. Much like that game, you find … VIEW
Tags: adventure  maze  2600

Dungeons of Grimlor

Views: 11,4481993Full versionAdventure RederWare
Dungeons of Grimlor is a mild action/adventure hybrid game where the object is to "Find the Evil Dragon Grimlor and … VIEW

Dungeons of Grimlor II: The Lich

Views: 4171995Full versionAdventure RederWare
Dungeons of Grimlor 2 is the sequel to the original Dungeons of Grimlor game which seemingly uses the same engine (or … VIEW


Views: 5,0851993SharewareTraditional (Board Games) Spaceways
Gemma is an interesting looking but confusing puzzle / board game hybrid. The author describes it as having "elements of … VIEW

General Budda's Labyrinth

Views: 2701993Full versionAdventure RederWare
General Budda's Labyrinth is a maze game where you drive a tank around that oddly doesn't shoot anything during the … VIEW

Get Lost!

Get Lost! is at its core a simple maze game where you must navigate through the maze to the exit. These mazes, however, … VIEW
Tags: 3d  maze  atmospheric

Kapture 3D

Views: 4791994SharewareAction Nate Goudie
Kapture is a first-person perspective 3D capture the flag game played within a maze. Both human players (no CPU AI … VIEW


Views: 9,7481989SharewarePuzzle Soleau Software
Mad Maze is quite similar to the similarly named Blind Maze, also released by Soleau Software. William Soleau was … VIEW

Magenta's Maze

Views: 5,7282017FreewareMiscellaneous Gibdon Moon Productions
My math skills are rusty, and rather than trying to explain this game myself, here is the description by the developers … VIEW

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