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ServerMatrix Dedicated Servers's web hosting story & ServerMatrix review

After using Tera-Byte dedicated servers for approximately two years, I finally decided that it was time for an upgrade. Tera-Byte is a great host, but their servers are a bit old now and since the server hosting also hosts several other sites, I wanted something more powerful. After a lot of research, I finally decided to trust ServerMatrix as my new host ... and my trust was not misplaced! ServerMatrix is the entry level dedicated server division of ThePlanet, but there's nothing "entry level" about the features that they provide! For only $109US per month, here's what you can get:

ServerMatrix is no fly-by-night operation, they are a large and well established company (backed by their parent company ThePlanet) and are around for the long haul. Here is how they describe themselves on their site:

ServerMatrix is the entry level division of The Planet, focused on servicing the small-to-mid level dedicated marketplace. ServerMatrix customers receive the same award winning support, same datacenter facilities, and the same Tier 1 network The Planet enterprise customers utilize. This division was created to fulfill a void in the marketplace and to deliver the enterprise level quality to the entry level dedicated marketplace. Most other hosting companies simply can't deliver this level of quality. ServerMatrix's mission is simple. We provide the perfect hosting solutions at the perfect price. Price, Service and Support are #1 in our book, which means the customer comes first with us. You will see that reflected in every service we deliver.

I have used several other hosts in the past, so I have a good basis for comparison. So if you're in the market for an upgrade to your current server, or are interested in setting up your first server, please consider ServerMatrix. You won't find many cheaper places around ... of course, there are bound to be great deals around, and if all you need is some simple web hosting, it may be better to investigate some cheaper options that can easily be found all around the web.

Review written by and Copyright Darren Hewer 2005