search tips

Hi. I threw together this little text file to help people find what they're looking for by using search engines. (In this case, you'd be looking for games, correct?)

The first step is knowing which search engines to use. Here are my favorites:

#1) Google (
This is definitely my favorite. It just seems to give me good results! There are no banner ads so it loads fast. It also assumes an "AND" relationship, so you don't have to worry about putting "+" signs in front of all your search terms.

#2) Altavista (
Second best, used to be my favorite until I found Google.

#3) fast Search (
Like it says, it's a fast search. And while it may not give as accurate results as the other two, it does cover ... well, not ALL the web, but more than most search engines.

Okay. Now, pick one of the above. I assume you're searching for a specific game. Well, let's just use Commander Keen as an example. (BTW, Commander Keen is available on ... go to

When you're typing in your search terms, it's important to use quotes around phrases. So if you wanted to search for Commander Keen, you'd type:
"commander keen"
commander keen

The reason being if you don't put quotes around phrases, the search engine assumes they're seperate words.

Next ... don't JUST search on the name of the game. Add in a couple of other terms, like ...
dos game
... for example.

Another important tip is to put plus signs in front of required terms. If we searched for:
"commander keen" "dos game" download
... in most search engines, we would get pages that have "commander keen" OR "dos game" OR download in them! (Google is the exception, it assumes an AND relationship.) So, if we were searching for Commander Keen, we might type: +"commander keen" "dos game" download

If that doesn't work, try variations:
+"commander keen" game free download

If you get too many unrelated hits, add more search terms. (Or maybe more plus signs.)

If you don't get enough, you're being too specific. For example, if you were to search for:
+"commander keen: invasion of the voricons" +download +"dos games for free"
... you probably wouldn't get many results.

Hope this helps a bit ... remember, you can always post on our message board if you can't find the game you're searching for. :)