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Zong screenshot
Zong gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Zong is not actually a Pong game, despite its name. Its actually an Arkanoid clone. It features the usual powerups and brick-breaking action. Although it seems very well designed and has a slick user interface, there isn't really much that differentiates Zong from the many other Arkanoid clones available, so play this only if you're a big fan of the Arkanoid/Breakout genre.
ZONG v1.20.  FROM ZENSOFT.  22 JUN 1996.
The most super-amazing Arkanoid-like game on
EITHER side of the Andromeda cluster!  Great
256-color VGA graphics with true shadows and
a hundred full-screen backgrounds!  8-channel
digital sound and music with any Sound Blaster
compatible card.  Requires: 386, 2MB RAM, VGA,
Microsoft compatible mouse.  Enjoy!  More info
on ZONG and other products is available on the
ZenSoft web site (http://www.zensoft.com).

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