Yogi Bear's Math Adventures screenshot
Yogi Bear's Math Adventures gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($15)
Single player
For Kids:
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
1800 (Approximate)
yogimath.zip - 211k - Run YOGI.EXE to play
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Yogi Bear's Math Adventures screenshot
Yogi Bear's Math Adventures gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2
Yogi Bear's Math Adventures is a strange, simplistic educational game that is notable mostly due to its famous protagonist. Was this an officially licensed game, or was it created without permission? The latter seems more likely, given that shareware games didn't often feature licensed characters. The game itself is pretty basic: A math problem is presented, along with three multiple choice answers. You need to move Yogi below the correct answer and throw a rock at it before the time runs out. This continues seemingly forever? Or until you get enough wrong, or end the game yourself. There are difficultly levels from grade 1 up to grade 6, you can change the timer, and a few other settings, although selecting options other than addition don't seem to work, perhaps that's a registered-version-only feature? Ultimately not very fun at all, and unlikely to hold the attention of its intended child audience for more than a minute or so.

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