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Screenshot of Xatax Review:  Rating: 3.5
Xatax is a sidescrolling space shooting game from Pixel Painters, a mostly unknown but very talented group of shareware game programmers. Xatax has good graphics, smooth scrolling and the usual shoot-em-up enemies and powerups. The difficulty curve seems tough but not impossible. Joystick controls are available for those of you who prefer a joystick.
___/// XATAX V1.00s - Pixel Painters \\\____
XATAX is coming and only you can stop it!
An awesome sideways shooter w/ ultra-smooth
full screen scrolling landscapes & dazzling
256 color graphics! It is the epitome of all
Nintendo style shooters. You will battle
waves of aerial assaults while entering the
depths of XATAX. Watch out! XATAX has sent
two major boss mutants to stop you!
Req: 4M RAM, VGA, 486+; Opt: Snd Crd & JyStk

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