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Wordtrix screenshot
Wordtrix gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (, 261k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original. Review:  Rating: 3
Wordtrix is a simple but mildly entertaining game intended to be an edutainment product to help kids learn words and increase their vocabulary. The game involves fitting falling parts of words into three possible choices at the bottom of the screen (only one of the choices makes a real word). One good thing about this game is that through the various game options it can be made suitable for a fairly wide age range, and the graphics are decent enough, including an option for pictures to go along with each word.
WORDTRIX! Ver. 1.5 
Update of the popular Tetris-like game that
teaches selected phonics patterns to help
children learn to read and spell.  This ver-
sion requires 2/3 less hard disk space (320K
now), has a redesigned game screen, and more
graphics/sound rewards.  Registered version
has two more games.  Registrants also get a
free upgrade and bonus game, AFFIX. Requires
EGA/VGA and a hard drive.  Tea Time Software.

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