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Winnie the Pooh gameplay screenshot
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Winnie the Pooh screenshot
Winnie the Pooh gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Winnie the Pooh is a classic children's character, and he along with all of his friends is here to discover. This game is designed for children, and works like a simplified graphical adventure game where instead of typing commands or clicking objects, the child chooses from a list of predefined actions for each scene. This generally works well, however moving around is problematic, since North, East, South, and West are presented for every scene, whether or not movement in those directions is possible, with an error message being shown if they attempt to move in a non-available direction (which they would have no way of knowing). Confusingly, sometimes choosing a direction moves you into a house or hole or other place. Other than the confusing movement, this would be an enjoyable game for a child who is a fan of Winnie the Pooh. (This game was released for free by author Al Lowe.)

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