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Winged Warrior screenshot
Winged Warrior gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Winged Warrior is an interesting "action-packed role playing game" (according to the developer) which blends aspects of different PC and console-based RPGs of the time. Your duty is to restore peace to the kingdom, and you begin, as often happens, by receiving your quest from the king. The gameplay follows a turn-based battle system like many RPGs, however there are no random battles; you see the monsters on the map and choose when to fight them. You can collect gold and spend it for training to improve your stats; there doesn't seem to be experience points, only gold. The graphics are simple but fit well, and although the demo version is quite short and the gameplay is simple, it's generally pleasant to play. (Dataware still sells the Windows port of the game for five bucks if you're interested in getting the full version.)

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