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Single player
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640 × 480
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16000 (Approximate)
Wanderer screenshot
Wanderer gameplay screenshot
WANDR401.ZIP - 458k
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Wanderer v3.30 (Text-mode) (WANDR330.ZIP, 418k) - This is the last version of the original text-mode Wanderer game, by Steve Shipway in 1988. Review:  Rating: 3
This is the graphical version of the original Wanderer game; the original was made by Steve Shipway in 1988. See the extra files for the original ASCII version. Like the original text-mode game, Wanderer is a Boulderdash derivative where the object is to collect the diamonds and avoid the hazards before making your way to the exit. There are a whole bunch of dangerous levels here to explore, each with the signature loved/hated boulder falling/rolling physics. There are many different obstacles here and you will need some careful planning, and likely some trial and error, to beat all of the levels.

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