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Vertrix gameplay screenshot
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Up to 2 players, Simultaneous shared keyboard competitive
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320 × 200
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Vertrix screenshot
Vertrix gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 3.5
Based on the classic Columns game (which is itself a variant or new direction of Tetris), Vertrix has you matching up falling 1x3 blocks to form matching sets of 3 colors. It's slightly different from Columns in that there are more ways to get matching lines (diagonals, boxes ...) and more colors. It looks nice, and has Soundblaster sounds too. It looks nice. And it features a 2-player simultaneous mode where you compete against eachother. Get it if you're a fan of Tetris games.
│THE CLUSTERS presents a FREEWARE game (97)│
│              VERTRIX v5.1                │
│ Action & Strategic game * Place falling  │
│ blocks in rows or Special Figures * Use  │
│ at best your bonusses against a human    │
│ or CPU opponent chosen beetween 12       │
│ characters * Splendid graphics 320x400   │
│ 256 colors ! * SoundBlaster * 2 kinds    │
│ of musics ... more than 40 MOD ! * More  │
│ than 60 bonus ! * 9 special figures *    │
│ Diversity, and a lot of Fun !            │
│■ MINIMUM CONFIGURATION                   │
│  386/33, DOS 3.1, around 4 Mo RAM (XMS)  │
│  free, VGA 256 colors.                   │
│                                          │
│■ SUGGESTED CONFIGURATION                 │
│  Pentium/90, DOS 3.1, at least 4 Mo RAM, │
│  VGA 256 colors, Sound Blaster or 100%   │
│  compatibles, 4.2 Mo free on hard disk.  │
│    Will you dare to enter the Vertrix    │
│              Dimension ?...              │

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