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Troll's Tale screenshot
Troll's Tale gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Troll's Tale is a simplistic adventure game released by Sierra On-Line Inc, creators of such famous adventure games as King's Quest and Space Quest. This one in particular is a kid's game created by Al Lowe, famous for the Leisure Suit Larry series of games. Your quest is to find the 15 treasures which have been hidden by a troll. To progress in the game you choose one of several options at the bottom of the screen. The graphics are CGA (what do you expect from a game made in 1984?) so they are rather poor by today's standards but the game will still likely be fun for young gamers since it is uncomplicated. (Thanks goes to creator Al Lowe for releasing this game for free.) NOTE: Press the Spacebar to select an option, and then press Enter to choose it.

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