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Screenshot of Taking Care of Business Review:  Rating: 4
Taking Care of Business (no relation to the BTO song) is a puzzle game of crate pushing, stacking, and jumping. Just get to the exit, by picking up and carrying crates, as well as interacting with many other types of blocks, using items, etc. No enemies and no time limit; just get to the exit using your brains! It bears a strong similarity to Loader Larry by Soleau Software released in 1993, although it's difficult to say if any "borrowing" occurred or they just turned out to be similar games. In any case, this is the full version of the game (generously released by Moonlite Software) that includes 60 full puzzles for you to complete.
│      Taking Care of Business - V1.0      │
Brain bending puzzles and awesome Super VGA
will keep you busy for hours, days, perhaps 
decades in this latest release from Moonlite
Software. Guide our hero, Demolisher Dirk,
through this amazing strategic adventure!
Requires a Super VGA with 1 MEG of ram.
Supports SoundBlaster and compatibles with
full digital audio effects!

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