Super VGA Puzzle screenshot
Super VGA Puzzle gameplay screenshot
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Super VGA Puzzle screenshot
Super VGA Puzzle gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Super VGA Puzzle is a decent jigsaw puzzle solving game, as long as you like using boxy four-sided puzzle pieces, and you don't mind only having two different puzzle pictures to solve. Okay that's a bit unfair, since this is only a shareware trial version. But really they could've included a few more pictures. Before beginning a game, you choose how difficult you want to make it (by choosing the number of pieces across and down to divide the picture info) and then use the mouse to swap pieces around. I found the controls (left button to select a piece, then right button to swap it) a bit unintuitive, but it works fine once you get used to it. (Unfortunately it does not run in Super VGA mode in generic DOSBox, although there is likely a way to get it running somehow using a DOSBox fork and/or careful configuration.)

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