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Storymaker screenshot
Storymaker gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (, 614k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original. Review:  Rating: 3
Storymaker allows kids (or whoever) to make their own storybooks. It includes a scenery editor (a decent paint program), shape (sprite) editor, melody maker (music composition tool) and a basic text editor. By combining these elements computer storybooks can be created. However it would be a lot of work to create good-looking storybooks like the example, so whoever is using it will need plenty of patience and probably some artistic skill too! (To get the EGA version of the program and some extra tools & info about it, visit this site.)
STORYMAKER+ VGA v1.0e  -  VGA version of
Storymaker+. Multimedia kit for children,
parents, schools & writers. Create & read
interactive storybooks w/ animation,music,
speech & sound. Compile stories into perso-
nalized,stand-alone programs. Easy-to-use,
full-featured scenery & animation editors,
animated piano for music & sound effects,
text editor & fonts,book editor. VGA,640K,
hard disk,mouse,Sound Blaster compatible

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