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Stonebreaker screenshot
Stonebreaker gameplay screenshot
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Stonebreaker is an Arkanoid clone that doesn't stray too far from its source material. There are bricks, arranged in various shapes, and you must break them using a ball and your trusty paddle. The game works well using the mouse, although the trajectory of the ball when it leaves your paddle feels unnatural; there seem to be only 2-3 angles and it doesn't seem to change naturally depending where the ball hits. Graphics are decent but a little strange ... why is there a cartoon lady taking up the right portion of the screen? Anyways, there are lots of Arkanoid clones for DOS, and this is definitely one of them that has some polish, so if you're a fan of the genre it's worth taking a look at it.
_____/// StoneBreaker V 1.0 \\\______

Lomax  Software  releases  its   most
spectacular  game  to  date! From the
creators of "Hidden Fields" comes now
StoneBreaker.It's a new and fantastic
breakout game.  12  different  extras
are available and it offers great fun
and action !  If you play on a higher
difficulty,  there are even ENEMIES !
StoneBreaker  is  one   of  the  best
games, shareware  has  to  offer. The
game features over 15  sound effects,
8 difficulties and 256 color graphic.
REQUIRES: 80386,  420  Kb  free  RAM.
Lomax Software Productions Publishing

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