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Original archive (, 3,254k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original.

Dark Forces Demo Optional Cutscenes (Part 1) (, 1,080k) - Adds additional cutscenes to the demo. (Unzip into the same folder as the other DF files.)

Dark Forces Demo Optional Cutscenes (Part 2) (, 5,730k) - Adds even more additional cutscenes to the Dark Forces demo. (Unzip into the same folder as the other DF files.)

Screenshot of Dark Forces Review:  Rating: 5
A demo version of one of a simply great 3D shooting game that I missed playing when it was originally released. Also known as "Star Wars: Dark Forces", this 3D shooting game does not use the DOOM engine, it uses LucasArts' own engine which includes a few features not seen in DOOM. (Though it still includes a very DOOM-like map.) Smooth although low-res graphics and responsive gameplay, along with the Star Wars theme, make this one a keeper. Definitely play it if you enjoy 3D shooting games!

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