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320 × 240
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Screenshot of Star Mines II Review:  Rating: 3.5
Star Mines 2 involves your quest for "Bonusoids". You are given your spaceship (with unlimited fuel and ammunition) with which to shoot your way through many maze-like levels. While the controls take a little while to get used to, after a short time you'll be able to control it without too much difficulty. There's a good variety of enemies to shoot, powerups and so on. With many missions, this game should keep you entertained for awhile.
║ StarMines II - The Planet of Mines ║
║ Smoothly scrolling arcade action   ║
║ in deep space. Fly your ship in    ║
║ the mazes of the Planet of Mines   ║
║ and collect the Bonusoid chrystals.║
║                                    ║
║ 256 color VGA and 80286 required,  ║
║ SoundBlaster supported. CardWare.  ║

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