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Softwars screenshot
Softwars gameplay screenshot
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Softwars is an obscure and opaque game of war between you and the computer opponent. You each receive a number of pieces, each with different powers, and you alternate turns moving them. The included docs only give you a general idea of what the game is and how it plays, so I guess with more experimentation you'll be able to discover exactly how it all works. It uses green, red and brown CGA mode and from what I can tell, the CPU makes for a tough opponent. One thing it DOES have going for it is digitized speech through the PC speaker, which was probably quite rare back in 1988. (Ex, it yells "SOFTWARS!" at you at the title screen.) Read the included docs and see if you can make sense out of it!
From the included READ.ME file, here are the descriptions given of the different pieces:
Trooper=moves, medium power.
Warrior=moves, high power.
Specialist=moves, low power.
Barrier=stops anybody for a while.
Atomizer=destroys anybody except specialists
. Missles=launch them with the arrow keys + enter.
General=low power, but you loose when destroyed!!

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