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Screenshot of Simcity 2000 Review:  Rating: 4.5
Simcity 2000 is of course the sequel to the immensely popular Simcity which Maxis released a few years earlier in 1989. This demo version of the sequel (limited to 20 minutes of playing time) keeps many of the same gameplay mechanics as the original, but also improves the graphics and sounds while implementing new mechanics to build your own cities. You are again the mayor of a new city, and your task is to grow it into a healthy metropolis. There are of course many new buildings that you can create such as zoos and hospitals. The land is now no longer completely flat, so you may need to do some terraforming to be able to place things where you want them. Some of the new mechanics seem a bit unnecessary and tedious (such as the water system) while other such as the newspapers provided to gauge how your city is doing are nice additions. Generally speaking a great sequel to the original, although the original game is still a better choice for a more casual experience.

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