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Sea School screenshot
Sea School gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 2.5
Sea School is an edutainment game targeted at very young children. While the full registered version (which is unfortunately not one of the freely released games available on MVP Software's website) provides game sections on math, the alphabet, and reading, the shareware offers only math games. The games themselves are pretty basic, although they look decent enough and have animations, sound effects, and upbeat music to try to hold kids' attentions. The sea horse game for example has the kid/user click the five numbered sea horses in ascending order starting at 1. If you're looking to teach your very young child their numbers, or remember playing this game as a kid, it might be worth looking at. Otherwise, it's probably a pass. (Or a fail I guess to use school terminology ...)
Sea School v1.3 by MVP Software.  Your kids
(ages 3-8) will love this new learning game
series.  Bright, colorful graphics, cute
animation, delightful music, digitized sound
effects and speech will keep your young
learner playing for hours.  Shareware
edutainment at its best!  Requires 386 and
up, VGA, mouse.  Sound Blaster or compatible
sound card recommended.  Registered version
now available on CD-ROM!

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