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Scorched Earth gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($20)
Up to 10 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
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360 × 240
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Scorched Earth screenshot
Scorched Earth gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 5
The best tank war game I've ever seen. It's called 'The Mother of all games' by the author and was chosen as PC World magazine as the third best DOS game of all time. In it, you are competing against up to 10 other tanks (controlled by other players or by the computer) and you battle by entering a velocity and turret angle before firing off various weapons, which you can purchase between rounds. Your weapons available to buy include Nukes, Napalm, Smoke Tracers, and Liquid Dirt, among many others. It looks and plays great, and it's great fun blowing up a tiny little tank with a huge nuke. (There are several levels of computer AI available, however you generally choose from "dumb as a doornail" to "nearly perfect" ...)
Scorched Earth v1.5:  256 color VGA artillery
game that allows up to 10 players to blow
each other to bits.  Tons of configurable 
options including weapons, defense mechanisms,
weather, economics, etc.  Can also be played
by one person against various computer foes.
VGA Required.  Shareware by Wendell Hicken.

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