Rise 2: Resurrection screenshot
Rise 2: Resurrection gameplay screenshot
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rise2dem.zip - 13,599k - Run RISE2.BAT to play
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Rise 2: Resurrection screenshot
Rise 2: Resurrection gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 3.5
Rise 2: Resurrection (the official North American title) is the sequel to the original Rise of the Robots one-on-one fighting game. Taking inspiration from fighting games which came before it, you choose a humanoid-like robot and battle it out using special moves. The original game is considered ... well, a very bad game. The sequel seems to have some improvements, and like the original it has excellent production values. However, it is still considered a bad game, and One Must Fall 2097, which was released two years earlier, seems to be a much more competent attempt at a PC fighting game. I am not a fighting game expert so I am relying somewhat on reviews by other players here! (Special thanks to Mr Fibble of DOSGamesArchive.com for putting together this zip file which contains the game pre-setup for DOSBox.)
To play a single player game, choose your fighter, then wait awhile until the game eventually starts.

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