Pinball Illusions screenshot
Pinball Illusions gameplay screenshot
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Pinball Illusions screenshot
Pinball Illusions gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Pinball Illusions is a sequel to Pinball Fantasies which increases the resolution and adds new exciting tables. This demo includes the "Law 'n Justice" table (one of the four tables included in the full commercial release) which is a nice looking table with several ramps, bumpers, and three flippers. The background graphics are nice looking but they blend somewhat into the foreground, making it a bit difficult to see what's a target and what isn't. For those who are into pinball this is another fine option to consider.
When running in DOSBox, make sure that the "aspect=true" option is enabled in your conf file, otherwise the screen may appear stretched.

Shift or Ctrl keys - Flippers
Alt or Spacebar - Nudge
Enter - Launch ball

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