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Out of this World screenshot
Out of this World gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4.5
Out of this World (aka Another World) is a early polygon based action/adventure game which featured a distinctive artistic style and trial-and-error based gameplay which could be rather frustrating, yet the game was certainly memorable and entertaining. You play a scientist who has accidentally been sent to "another world" and must figure out what to do in order to survive. The side-view gameplay feels quite a bit like Prince of Persia, but the gameplay revolves more around simple puzzles. Unless you're using a walkthough, you will undoubtedly die many times as you attempt to figure out where to go and what to do. Later games like Flashback (also made by Delphine) and Blackthorne by Blizzard expanded on this style of game and added additional features, but this was the first. I suspect its artistic style continues to impact games today, especially in the indie scene.

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