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Lost Clown screenshot
Lost Clown gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
The Lost Clown is what you might call a "strategic platformer." While it looks and generally plays like a typical action platforming game, you'll need memory and planning skills rather than quick reflexes. Sort of like a more laid-back Prince of Persia but nowhere near as refined! There is no story in this game, you are simply a clown in a "maze" trying to escape for some reason, without being killed by the spikes or other hazards. To "win well" you must also collect all ten balloons. You have energy/health that constantly decreases unless you pick up lollipops to restore it. The graphics and sounds aren't great, and it'll likely take a lot of patience to have success in this game. Make sure to read the short but helpful instructions screen to learn the keys and goals of the game!

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