Kingdom of Syree 2 screenshot
Kingdom of Syree 2 gameplay screenshot
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Kingdom of Syree 2 screenshot
Kingdom of Syree 2 gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (, 350k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_SYREE2.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file,, is the original and may require installation / setup.

Sound Blaster Accessory Pack (, 958k) - Adds Soundblaster sounds and music to the game. Not needed if you download DOSBOX_SYREE2.ZIP. Review:  Rating: 3
Kingdom of Syree II: Black Magic is the sequel to Kingdom of Syree. It boasts improved graphics and sound effects (via the optional "Sound Blaster Accessory Pack"), but otherwise the gameplay is largely the same as the first. Wander around towns, talk to people (most of whom just say "Hello") and fight things, all using a list of keyboard hotkeys that you must memorize or reference the included SYREE2.DOC file. Generally only for people who want a very typical "classic" CRPG experience. (Note that the DOSBOX_SYREE2.ZIP file comes with the Soundblaster pack already installed.)
║        THE KINGDOM OF SYREE II        ║
║              BLACK MAGIC              ║
║Journey back to the land of Sheol      ║
║where valiant knights fight against    ║
║the Dark Forces.  You, as the Lord     ║
║Champion, must find the new Keeper of  ║
║the Power before Evil does, or all will║
║be lost.  Explore a world 150% larger  ║
║than Syree I.  New music, new graphics,║
║new spells.  Supports SoundBlaster for ║
║music and effects with add-on package  ║
║SYREE2SB.ZIP. NOT crippled, NOT part   ║
║one of ten or whatever.  Syree 2 is a  ║
║COMPLETE game!  Requires VGA/MCGA.     ║
║From Everlasting Software!             ║

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