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Original archive (, 891k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original.

Ken's Labyrinth v1.0 (shareware) (, 404k) - The original shareware release of Ken's Labyrith. (Before Epic Megagames acquired it.)

Ken's Labyrinth v1.1 (registered) (, 522k) - The full registered version of the original (non-Epic Megagames) version of the game. (This is the version with what I presume is Ken's own voice in the game ... "Save it for later!")

Screenshot of Ken's Labyrinth Review:  Rating: 4
Sort of like Wolf3D, but more ... wacky. It was created by Ken Silverman (who later went on to design the "Build" engine used for Duke3D). Originally he released it on his own ... later it was purchased by Epic Megagames, although I liked the original better. It's still fun to play even though it uses outdated technology, and it's more likely to work on your computer than Wolf3D is. :) (NOTE: This is the full registered version of the game! It has been released for free by the original author, Ken Silverman. Run KENSBFIX.EXE when playing it in DOSBox.)

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