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Shareware ($15)
Up to 4 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
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640 × 400
IQ Challenge screenshot
IQ Challenge gameplay screenshot
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IQ Challenge is a quiz game which tests your knowledge in five different areas:
  • Literature
  • Science & Computing
  • History
  • Geography
  • Sports & Entertainment
You're presented with a series of multiple choice or short answer (one word) questions and you have a timer counting down, so answer quickly! The questions seam reasonably difficult without being too obscure. The game is presented in text-mode with some PC speaker beeps here and there. Overall it works well and the rounds don't take too long so it doesn't get tedious.
IQ CHALLENGE v1.0: Game of knowledge
DOS 2.1, 512K RAM. 1-4 players test 
their skill in five categories. Earn 
high points, print achievement certi-
ficates. Age 10-adult. (ASP)

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