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Highway Hunter screenshot
Highway Hunter gameplay screenshot Review:  Rating: 4
Highway Hunter is a vertical shooting game with great production values (animated cut-scenes, well-drawn SVGA graphics, parallax scrolling, great music) and intense action. In the game, you must drive along the futuristic roads and blast everything in your path. You will of course collect powerups to upgrade your weapons, and improved shields to protect your car. The fact that this game takes place on highway roads rather than in space means that your movement is a bit more restricted, and it makes the game stand out a bit more from other shmups. It's generally a top-notch shoot-em-up and shooting fans will definitely want to give it a try!
=== HIGHWAY HUNTER: From Safari Software ===
A fast, frantic and furious arcade blast
fest!  Guide your advanced assault vehicle,
THE MASTER, through roads of destruction
and carnage.  256-color parallax-scrolling
graphics, huge boss tanks and hot powerups
make Highway Hunter one of the best shooters
on the PC!  Shareware version 1.0 from
Safari Software and Omega Integral Systems.

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