High Sea Homicide screenshot
High Sea Homicide gameplay screenshot
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320 × 200
High Sea Homicide screenshot
High Sea Homicide gameplay screenshot
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Original archive (HIGHSEA.ZIP, 283k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file HIGHSEA.ZIP is the original. Review:  Rating: 3
High Sea Homicide is a graphical adventure game which begins on a boat, where you are awakened by the sound of gunshots. You begin to explore the ship to see what's going on. The game was developed using the Game Builder game creation system, so its interface and graphical style is similar to Sierra's AGT engine used in games like the original King's Quest. You type commands and attempt to determine how to proceed. The engine isn't too refined (ex, "TAKE {item}" won't work, you must type "GET {item}") but once you get used to it, it isn't too bad. I'm not sure how long this game is since I didn't progress too far!
Type "begin game" to start the game!
High Sea Homicide 
(Sherwood Forest Software; $15) is a 
murder mystery game. You are Martin T. 
Berringer, Master Detective from 
Scotland Yard. While on vacation aboard 
the HMS Elias ocean liner, you find 
yourself in the midst of yet another 
murder mystery. You must find the killer 
and bring them to justice. Use the 
Keyboard to input commands such as 
open door, get gun and look around. 
Requires VGA graphics and a hard drive.

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