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Hidden Fields gameplay screenshot
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* Archived, Feb 1998
Hidden Fields screenshot
Hidden Fields gameplay screenshot
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Play online in browser Review:  Rating: 4
Hidden Fields is a takeoff of the classic Qix or Xonix arcade games, where the object is to draw boxes over the playing field to gradually reveal the picture hiding behind it. There are different enemies on each level which try to thwart your chances, and the production values on the game in terms of its graphics and sound effects are pretty high. And are those Frank Frazetta pictures that get revealed?! Use of those images MAY not be legal but hey, they fit the game's over-the-top, rock-and-roll aesthetic. Despite the gratuitous (and long) company logo sequence at the beginning, once you get past that, the game itself plays quite well.
_____/// Hidden Fields V 1.0 \\\_____

Lomax  Software  releases  its   most
spectacular game  to  date! This is a
new  genre of  PC  gaming.  You  must
try,  to get lost  fields back. Avoid
the  enemies  and try  to stay alive.
If you  can get  90 percent  back  of
your field, you won one of 28 ! Don't
miss this  game, it's one of the best
games, shareware  has  to  offer. The
game features  over 40 sound effects,
14  DIFFERENT enemies, 4 difficulties
and 256 colors graphic. REQ.:386, 520
Lomax Software Productions Publishing

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