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FUE screenshot
FUE gameplay screenshot
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This game works in DOSBox but not currently in-browser. Please download and play on your device. How to use DOSBox Review:  Rating: 2.5
FUE is a wire-framed 3D-ish game which is more of an adventure game than an RPG. The documentation itself states: "You won't know what the object of the game is until you play for a while. You'll have to use logic and your powers of deduction. You have to be patient, and willing to die now and then. You have to be stubborn." So, not much else to say other than that ... you wander around halls that look very much the same, and find things, and do stuff. And apparently stuff happens randomly too so watch out for ... things ... (This does not currently run in the in-browser DOSBox implementation so run it on your own computer. Run "FOYER.EXE" to begin.)

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