Fleet Sweep screenshot
Fleet Sweep gameplay screenshot
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Shareware ($30)
Up to 4 players, Turn-based shared keyboard
For Kids:
320 × 200
DOSBox Cycles:
350 (Approximate)
fleetsweep.zip - 21k - Run FLEET.EXE to play
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Fleet Sweep screenshot
Fleet Sweep gameplay screenshot
DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Fleet Sweep is a Galaga-style single-screen shooting game, where enemy ships attack you in waves, and after you destroy all of them, you progress to the next level. Since it was made in 1985 the graphics are CGA and sound effects are all PC speaker. Make sure you turn the cycles down if you're using DOSBox! The game plays decently enough, although it's quite simple, just move and shoot. This game was originally published by Mirror Images Software in 1983, but apparently the author re-published it himself in 1985 as shareware? Not sure the exact situation there. The shareware registration price of $30US, or the equivalent of approximately $70US in 2020 dollars, seems a bit steep for this game, but it WAS 1985 so perhaps it was worth it back then?

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