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Shareware ($15)
Up to 2 players, Turn based shared keyboard competitive
For Kids:
640 × 480
Fencing screenshot
Fencing gameplay screenshot
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DOSGames.com Review:  Rating: 2.5
Fencing is an odd yet intriguing game for two players which has nothing to do with swordfights or building wooden barriers. The game concept was apparently, according to the included docs, "invented by the famous English science fiction author, John Brunner, and described in the novel titled The Shockwave Rider". Each player attempts to control as much of the board as possible by drawing triangles; first place your markers on the board (one visible, and one hidden, on each turn) then when ready start drawing triangles. (Read through the included READ.ME file to better understand how it works.) It works well enough, although use of a mouse would have been appreciated. Apparently the company that produced this game was serious about it, also promoting a "National Association of Players at the Game of Fencing" which cost $15/year to join and planned to produce a bimonthly journal regarding the game!

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